Grant Morrison’s Seaguy returns in April


It feels weird to be blogging about silly comics today, but, well, this is neat.

In Seaguy’s cartoon future world, everyone is a Super Hero and no one dies. It’s absolutely perfect…Or is it?

In this follow-up to the cult 2004 miniseries, Seaguy resurfaces with a sinister new partner, a hatred of the sea and a rebel restlessness he can’t explain. Why are Doc Hero and his ex-archenemy Silvan Niltoid, the Alien from Planet Earth, whispering strange equations? Why is Death so useless? And can that really be the ghost of Chubby Da Choona mumbling uncanny warnings and dire prophecies of ultimate catastrophe?

When the grotesque powers lurking behind the corporation known as Mickey Eye and the Happy Group attempt to erase Seaguy’s entire existence, can he possibly get it together in time to save a world so far gone it can’t even imagine the horror lying in wait? Find out here in Morrison’s own personal reframing of the Super Hero concept for the 21st century.

From Aurthur


  1. i really didn’t get sea guy. to me (just reread it) it was complete and utter nonsense stream of consciousness bollocks. can someone please tell me that they got something out of it?

    Q: did ‘the invisibles’ kill the underground?

  2. can someone please tell me that they got something out of it?

    I love Seaguy. It just presents its own world with no explanation, I guess you either accept it or not. The plot is straightforward, Seaguy longs for the time when heroes did heroic things, but apparently there is no need for them anymore. He stumbles into adventure with the Xoo and on the moon, we leave him in issue #3 trapped again in Mickey Eye’s all-mediating grasp.

  3. Did Invisibles kill what underground?

  4. I found Seaguy highly enjoyable. This would tempt me to spend money on comics. Something I haven’t done in a while.

  5. you know, THE underground.

  6. Baffled, man. The underground might as well be the pacific ocean…Invisibles was just a comic book.

    What did you think of All-Star Superman? Did that kill Morrison’s credibility with the cool kids?

  7. You know when you’er staring at some shiny degradation on reality TV and chewing on processed cow meat, and you feel broken.

    So your girlfriend tries to cheer you up by offering you some more corporate crap. And you look at her and wonder if you should have a kid. Because having a kid at least proves you’re a man.

    And your dog looks over at you hoping for a walk – but you can only see how his fur hangs loose on him cause he’s getting old. And for a second you remember you’re best friend how died of a brain tumour when you were both 28 and ready to take on the world and start a silk-screening business. Sometimes it almost seems like his death was a movie or something.

    Remember being with him and your girlfriend at the protests in Seattle and Quebec City? 8 years is a lifetime. Did the Boy Emperor Bush really plunged us into the swamp of HOMELAND security and kill 100,000+ Iraqis with a revolt? Are we all completely useless?

    Remember when thought you were a ‘leftist’ because you once clearly saw the blood and oil that flow in the sewers of every city to make it run? Take a look at kids today – ‘Generation South Park’ hates hippies so virulently it would bring a tear to J. Edgar Hoover’s eye.

    Remember when you KNEW that this murderous american corporate media was colonizing your very subconscious – and you swore you ripped its tendrils out, but…

    The commercials hook your eyeballs back again and each 5 million dollar Freudian psychodrama tells you the same thing: that TeknOstrich (RAW) is dead but AntiDad is still sharpening the thorn on his phallus.

    Somedays it feels like media-induced alzheimer’s is actually adaptive. Or at least merciful. .

    But don’t worry all the heroes will reappear and man the barricades when 2012 rolls around, right?

    PAX, Wendigo

  8. “It started out as a lark and it still has plenty of larkish elements, like octopus shepherds and moon mummies but, you know…everything you write is a way of expressing your feelings and I was dealing with a lot of death and misery last year, which turned into bittersweet surrealist comedy when filtered through Seaguy. I break down in tears every time I read issue #2 and I hope everyone else will too, in spite of themselves…” – GRANT MORRISON

  9. @Wendigo
    I think the tide is slowly turning.

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