What’s next for Hatch 23?

Hatch 23 began as 1) a collaborative attempt to explore the “occult” themes in the television series Lost and 2) a promotional tool for Esozone, an occult themed conference/festival in Portland, OR.

Since 1) Danny never really got into the Hatch 23 project 2) Neither Danny nor I is still involved in Esozone and 3) I’m no longer particularly interested in the occult as such, it makes little to since to continue on “as is.”

So what now? I accidentally hit upon it with that last post: the TV/reality bleed-through.

Cobalt covered here how Lost encourages apophenia. And of course the Lost Experience staff deliberately bringing the show from the television into the real world. So we shouldn’t be surprised when elements of the Lost world show up in our world, Tlon style.

What does the Island have in store for us? Stay tuned, dear reader. I have the feeling it’s going to get weird.

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  1. sorry about that! 😛

    I don’t think I could ever come up with an entire post about LOST, although I am an avid watcher of it.

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