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ATX0cculture is dedicated to providing a digital meat-mirror for Austin-Based practitioners of all forms of magick, reality bending, artistic evocation and similar subtle arts. We also meet up on the 3rd Wen. of each month at Spiderhouse, approx. 9 PM.

Austin Occulture

E-mail me at klint at klintron dot com if you’d like to have your occultural meetup group listed on the PDX Occulture Occulture group list


  1. Why Spider House, of all places? Why not Ruta Maya or Bouldin creek cafe, places where people who are interested in magick and consiousness are already meeting? Why hold this in a venue that caters to confused, bored, rich, self obsessed, anorexic UT kids? Has it escape your notice that a good deal of the current patronage at Spider House came to Austin just after “Real World Austin” aired on MTV? I mean, granted Spider House has the coolest ambience of any coffee house in town, but I can’t overlook the fact that the place has been going to shit at an increasing rate for about ten years now (did you know they used to let crusty kids sleep in the back?) I gave up on it back in ’07 when they stopped playing dub/ambient shows and jacked the beer prices up. I won’t be seeing you there. Maybe you can have it on the same night as ikpr’s paranoid/patriot meetup! All aboard the Magick School Bus, kids!

  2. Why not attend and tell them so?

  3. it's spelled "Ikipr"

    January 5, 2009 at 2:48 am

    David, kiddo, you got too many grievances and issues to deal with in technoccult’s comments without sullying their page with angst – wouldn’t this have been better posted in our forums, or shit there’s even a poll for that exact topic at the site, granted the theme still sucks but c’mon man – do better or stfu, srsly

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