Twitter as alternative currency?

I brainstormed a few ideas for business models for Twitter at my other blog the other day. Here’s an idea from it that I think is of interest to readers of this blog:

Twitter could become a virtual free bank, offering their own digital currency that can be traded through Twitter. Give a certain amount of starting credits to verified users, and let the market determine the actual value. Hey, maybe if they limit the number of tweets per day they could make “tweet credits” tradable – a la cell phone minutes in Africa.

Full Story: Klintron’s Brain

I thought I’d also plug this old article as well: Four other Big Brothers.


  1. more likely you are going to see ‘paid for tweets’ start to enter the conversation. If someone commands 2000 + followers, offer then 10 bucks to tweet:

    “just listened to x album. Was awesome”.

    sounds authentic, and gets the message out.

    give it a month for the first scandals to arise.

  2. ggw_bach – it’s already happening:

  3. TwitPay is mentioned in the article. #readbeforeyoucomment

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