1. Very, very good choice. I’ve been re-reading Dunsany recently. Fan of Sime since the early 1980s, after a very random encounter at the public library.

  2. High-end reprints of Dunsany (like the relatively recent Book of Wonder edition) are about the only place where one can encounter Sime in print. Someone really should print a collection. Though, now that I think about it, Dover used to print one of the Dunsany titles with Sime illustrations.

  3. There was a collection, which I happened on at random (as in ‘pull a random book off the shelf’) in Knoxville. But a new and better collection long overdue.

  4. Hi TB & BW
    It was Thames & Hudson who published a paperback, ‘Sidney Sime: Master of the Mysterious’, by Simon Heneage and Henry Ford, in 1980.
    It’s a 96 page collection of 57 plates, with a biography.
    ISBN – 0 500 27154 2
    But you’re right, he deserves to be revisited.
    Also, you’ve spurred me to have another go at Dunsany. I haven’t picked him up for 35 years!
    I re-read Clark Ashton Smith a couple of years ago and wasn’t disappointed.
    Dunsany, like CAS, wasn’t shy of really louche schlock. And the purple opulence of their descriptive language is still thrilling.

    Good luck,

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