George Lucas to Put Star Wars on at London Stadium

Jedi master Yoda in a scene from Star Wars

“Just when it appeared that George Lucas had finally laid to rest his epic saga of Jedis, Wookies and Ewoks, he has announced that Star Wars will return as a stadium experience. The Times has learnt that Lucasfilm has authorised Star Wars: A Musical Journey, a retelling of the story that will combine excerpts of the film with live orchestral accompaniment. Diehard fans may dream of Jedi Knights serenading Jabba the Hutt and C-3PO singing “Don’t cry for me, R2-D2” but they are likely to be disappointed. Producers for the show, which will have its world premiere in Britain, emphasised that although actors would be used to narrate the story, it would not be a stage musical.

The production, which condenses more than 13 hours of film into 90 minutes, will be more like a classical music concert performed in front of a cinema screen, 27m (90ft) wide. The audience at the 17,000-seat O2 Arena in southeast London will watch key scenes from the film as 86 musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play extracts from John Williams’s score. The composer has reworked the music for the show, which will take place on April 10. Other shows may follow, depending on demand.”

(via The TimesOnline)


  1. That’s it, George. Just keep raping my childhood.

  2. I think I’d tear my own eyes out first. Oddly, though, now that I think about it, Star Wars would make a pretty decent opera by Wagner (someone who;d probably be writing movie soundtracks if he were around now). Of course, you have to keep in mind that I’m someone that thinks tragic opera is intrinsically funny and the most musicals are sort of scary.

  3. I must of missed the Star Wars porn. Seriously, what’s left? (Though, I admit I went on the Star Tours ride at Disneyland about 6 or 7 times in a row..)

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