Questions and Answers with Cult Horror Movie Star Bruce Campbell

Over the weekend some friends of mine went to the premier of “My Name is Bruce”, where Bruce Campbell himself conducted a question and answer session after the movie. I finally got to see the movie myself and it’s a hilarious parody of Bruce and his movies. If you like silly B-horror movie schlock with self-depreciating humor thrown in it, you’ll enjoy this movie. Here are some of the Q and A’s from that night:

Q– “You’re named after a king of Scotland!”

Bruce- “Yes, I was named after Robert the Bruce! Robert the Bruce of Scotland!”

Q– “Have you thought of doing a Celtic/Scottish style horror movie with kilts and swords?
We wanna see you in a kilt and waving a sword around.”

Bruce– “No, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m actually not Scottish, I’m descended from the Basque.”

Q–  “Well, they wear kilts too! How about it?! You can call it BruceHeart!”

Bruce– ” I like the way you think! What do you do?”

A– I’m a student.”

Bruce– “Well, you better stay with that!”

Q-“How many Hawaiian shirts do you own?”

Bruce– “I don’t know. I like to pick up goofy shirts. I hate wearing ties!  Is anybody here wearing a tie tonight?”  (silence)

Q– “Do you have any of the Elvis outfits from Bubba Hotep?

Bruce– “You know, I don’t have any Elvis suits. They all belong to the place that originally made them for Elvis. You can’t buy them, only rent them. So I don’t have any of those cool costumes at home in my closet.”

Q-What was your favorite movie to work on?

Bruce– “You mean like, the most pleasant circumstances to work in, or favorite movie to make?
If you have too good a time, it isn’t going to be that good of a movie. You have to work to make a good movie. You’re up early, working 12-16 hours a day. If it is not a pleasant time then you end up with a good movie.” (Basically he said that he enjoyed making movies and he really didn’t have a favorite.)

He also mentioned that he had the set for “My Name Is Bruce” built on his property in California. Now what can he do with it? A delivery man came to drop off a package, drove up the drive, got out and looked around with a look of befuddlement or amazement and said  “I didn’t know there was a ghost town out here. Is this a ghost town? Gold Lick [the name of the town in the movie]? Was this here all along?”

(Many thanks to the Jones’!)
(See also: A brief interview with Campbell “Cult Star Campbell Does Double Duty in Horror Comedy” via The Daily Herald)

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