* End funding for abstinence-only training in public schools.

* End the Department of Justice’s war on adult entertainment. Keep the war on child porn. Make it clear they’re two different things. [[Regina’s Note: Notice Marty’s semantics here – adult entertainment vs child porn. Absolutely right to use different words for two very, very different things. Go Marty!]]

* Decriminalize all consensual sex that teens have with other teens. Decriminalize teens sharing photos of themselves having sex. [[Regina’s Note: Tech enables us to extend our sexual behavior, as well as create “new” sexual behaviors. I agree with Marty that teens sharing photos with their peers is not a criminal act — and that their lives should not be forever wrecked for the “crime” of being young and hormonal. Besides, sharing pics is robably the quickest, most effective way to learn discretion and to think about one’s own limits and the limits of one’s friends. No need to send them to jail. Their peers will teach them the lesson more deeply than the adults ever could.]]

Full list: Sex Rev 2.0

I agree with the whole list.