Obama portrait by Alex Grey

obama portrait by alex grey

Alex Grey has posted a series of behind the scenes images from the making of his portrait of Barack Obama.

Obama: Anatomy of a World Leader

(via VisionThing)

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  1. Before the Messiah comes we get the Antichrist and I think GW is too much a goofus to fit that bill.

    Obama will end up being the man who did for “hope” what Bush did for “freedom” (aka – tricked out the bitch, till she was threadbare).

  2. I like Alex Gray’s art… a lot… but this is probably the corniest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.

  3. it’s quite sad that 0-bomb “ah” has the same following ov mindless deactivated pawns much as old G. had the hefty :aumerican: men/women supporting the invasion ov a soverign nation. yes great job alex gray… for being able to rip through the barriers ov consciousness you don’t seem to apt to look into the future. ..

  4. I seriously just threw up in my mouth a little.

  5. Propa… er, Campaign Poster w/ veins.

    /he *used* to do truly visionary art.

  6. I was thinking to myself how corny I found this piece, I mean… I would expect something so much more from this man. Yet, I must also admit that I was scared to admit that. I mean, this man has touched me with his art in the past…perhaps I was just looking at this piece wrongly? I am so glad some others touched on the fact that they were disappointed.

  7. Retarded.

  8. I first saw this while browsing through a bookstore. At first glance it registered as “tacky Obama propaganda art” but then did a double-take when I realized who the artist was. When I got home I googled “Alex Grey Obama Disappointed!” and landed here where I was thankfully able to do a reality check. I’m not the only one who thinks something is wrong with this picture!

    I went to Mr. Grey’s website to read his interpretation of this piece (after all the meaning of art is in the eye of the beholder…maybe he intended to send out a different message?) No such luck. My disappointment stands. He’s case-in-point that mind control is a powerful drug. For someone I had regarded as a visionary artist, he can’t see past the packaged & branded product that is Barack Obama. One particular statement made me throw up my hands altogether:

    “…his heartful clarity coming through in his talks are all qualities of a highly evolved person…”

    OMG!!! They are qualities of a person who travels with a teleprompter to every speaking engagement large or small!! Listen to him speak without a prepared speech in front of his face and he stumbles worse than Bush! Is Alex Grey really that gullible?

    Many people who I thought SHOULD know better have disappointed me. Alex Grey is one of them. I expect stuff like this from Shill.i.Am & Company.

    Oh well…

  9. Some very scary shit…

  10. I really cant understand why Alex Grey did this, i m very disapointed

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