The intriguing saga of the dragonfly drone UFO



After Trevor Blake showed us Drone’s “Strange Craft” video, my girlfriend went digging for more information on the dragonfly drone UFOs. Here’s what she found out:

it started off as several videos and photographs in big basin, CA, lake tahoe, and alabama. two similar impressive and otherworldly crafts were supposedly seen by several different eyewitnesses. the main witness spreading info in the UFO community was a mysterious guy named “raji”. well, when more and more people tried to contact raji, he disappeared.

internet forums blew up as a guy named isaac started posting about the crafts, and supposed official CARET documents.

isaac’s info however, did not hold up against internet forum scrutiny. posters shared that the computer company alienware had announced a contest that required entrants to crack an alien code; and the code was the exact code on the CARET documents.

Full Story: surrealestate22


  1. This was supposedly a viral campaign for Halo 3 – similar to the ilovebees campaign for Halo 2. It just got out of hand, thanks to thousands of reposts by conspiracy theorists.

  2. One of the videos is credited to ‘Central Scrutinizer.’ This is a reference to Frank Zappa’s 3-LP set titled Joe’s Garage. It is, in part, a send-up of Scientology.

    The zine I did before OVO was called surreal estates. I’ve seen that name used here and there many times.

    I think the musicians / CGI artists that released the ‘Strange Craft’ video put out still images and the CARAT document so they could harvest sound bites to mix into the song. But maybe it was a Halo campaign. Maybe it was your face!

  3. I think Danny Chaoflux made them to promote Technoccult.

  4. It seems that you’re all on the wrong track. In order to get the real, as-it-happened story about this, you must read these threads:


    Any and all videos are NOT part of any ‘reality’ of this case. All are admitted, manufactured animations. This is a hoax of large proportions, the perpetrators of which are still laughing their arses off at the success of it all. Hats off to them, I say. All that now remains is for the perpetrators to admit their sham, so the ‘believers’ can say. ‘oh… You bastards!’ 🙂

  5. BTW, this is what Ian (Williams) and I were flipping out about two summers ago.


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  9. See this guy in the you tube video.
    Name of You tube video:
    ( Anti Gravity with Pepsi)
    Below entire You tube address:

    I believe the you tube anti gravity video is the basis of the Califiora drones; and I also believe given the resources I could build a California drone > Those are Radio wave antennas on top of the drone collecting radio waves channeling Radio frequency as with the cell phone into a circle type of energy reflective device; as the cd in video.The Long arms would be a type of voltage source, placement, and regulator; as the 1.5 volt batteries on the can in video; Another out side source of Magnetic energy can be electric lines as the drone were seen near them. As the standing aa 1.5 batteries. I could go on; but I think many will see as I see it. The reason the drones act in turning so strange is because They opperate, or work on/by magnetic field Lines guiding them;and naturaly occuring magnetic fields are all around the earth; shifting, pushing, moving, contracting,expanding, shrinking , appearing and disapearing.

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