Dutch Parliament Considering Forced Birth Control for “Unfit” Mothers

Women in the Netherlands who are deemed by the state to be unfit mothers should be sentenced to take contraception for a prescribed period of two years, according to a draft bill before the Dutch parliament.

The proposed legislation would further punish parents who defied it by taking away their newborn infant. “It targets people who have been the subject of judicial intervention because of their bad parenting,” explained the author of the bill Marjo Van Dijken of the socialist PvDA. “If someone refuses the contraception and becomes pregnant, the child must be taken away directly after birth.”

Full Story: Guardian

I have nothing to say about this Kevin from Cryptogon doesn’t say:

The shit-for-brains Malthusian mini-Hitlers love this stuff. The shrill “peak everything” people are some of the most deranged statists that I’ve ever come across. They sound like flaky greenies at first, but mention centralized government plans to implement orderly kill off/population reduction programs and pay close attention to their responses. […]

The core “peak everything” message is: There are no alternatives. Kill off is humanity’s only hope for survival. Oh yeah, fart taxes. Lots of fart taxes. These idiots should read Darkness at Noon to see where their certainty and grand Utopian visions will wind up.


  1. That’s just… wow… yeah, so, maybe free counseling to people thinking about parenthood or something? Almost anything is better than taking someone’s child away from them.
    This is horrible. And people should be horribly angry. In fact, I’m hoping to see some riots or something in the Netherlands sometime soon.

  2. Khaled Diab (guardian.co.uk): “I must admit that it shocked me that this law was the brainchild of a socialist.” Yeah, socialists never put the public good before the good of the individual. That’s not what socialism is about at all.

  3. bull shit .. this is a damn good thing to protect chidren from being subjected to , poverty , ignorance , physical abuse , mental abuse , neglect , the list goes on . with so many humans on this planet , population control is not just a good idea it is a survival trait .

  4. I’m on the fence with this one. Yeah it’s wrong to take someone’s child away from them, but it’s equally wrong to drop off your teenager under the safe haven law. Tough call.

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