Potential military applications of cognitive technologies

Drugs that make soldiers want to fight. Robots linked directly to their controllers’ brains. Lie-detecting scans administered to terrorist suspects as they cross U.S. borders.

These are just a few of the military uses imagined for cognitive science — and if it’s not yet certain whether the technologies will work, the military is certainly taking them very seriously.

“It’s way too early to know which — if any — of these technologies is going to be practical,” said Jonathan Moreno, a Center for American Progress bioethicist and author of Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense. “But it’s important for us to get ahead of the curve. Soldiers are always on the cutting edge of new technologies.”

Full Story: Wired

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  1. Robots linked directly to their controllers’ brains oh my, it’s like lions and tigers and bears; or it’s as simple as taking what we do in our dreams everynight, usually without breaking a sweat, and putting it behind the wheel.

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