Long Genesis P. Orridge Article in Radar

genesis p orridge

Radar has a great long article Genesis P. Orridge up:

He and Breyer wouldn’t actually get to talk to each other until the next evening, when they accompanied Sellers to a party at the S&M club Paddles, jabbering away like kids while Jackie ground the heel of her motorcycle boot into some guy’s testicles. On the morning in question, though, there wasn’t time. Jackie had to go to work, and Gen was on his way out. He hadn’t really come to Terence’s dungeon for punishment, anyway; he’d already had more than enough of that in his life.

Full Story: Radar

Aaron Gell: Strange Love (PDF, Google Docs account required)

Another PDF, no Google Docs account required

(via Tomorrow Museum)

Update: I had only read the first 3/4s of this article last night. The last 1/4 is even more amazing. It contains the first public statements I know of by Gen since Lady Jaye’s death.

This is the best piece of writing I’ve read in a long time.

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  1. Great find.

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