Peruvian government recognizes Ayahuasca as cultural heritage

jamesk painting ayahuasca

Big WOW! Who whould have thought that any government would ever release statements like these: “the effects produced by its consumption are equivalent to entering the secrets of the spiritual world…” and, “knowledge of ayahuasca states is required for all members of Amazonian societies at some point in their lives, and is essential for assuming the role of privileged individuals…”

Full Story: Dose Nation

(Thanks Danny Chaoflux)


  1. Whereas ayahuasca is just an incredibly powerful tool to us in the northern hemisphere, it really is a cultural keystone there. Combine that with a storng social democratic tendency in the current government, it makes perfect sense.

  2. OTOH, the strong social democratic tendency in the current govt wants to imprison a woman for doing a naked photoshoot with the Peruvian flag as saddle. (why not imprison the folks who paid her to do it?)

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