Heavy Metal Monk in Second Album

“At first glance, Cesare Bonizzi looks like the archetypal Capuchin monk – round-faced, stout, with twinkling eyes and a long flowing white beard. But beneath his robes beats a heart of metal. Brother Cesare is the lead singer in a heavy metal band which has just released its second album. A former missionary in the Ivory Coast, he lives in a small friary in the Milan hinterland.

The 62-year-old monk’s love affair with heavy metal began when he attended a Metallica concert some 15 years ago. “I was overwhelmed and amazed by the sheer energy of it” he says. Hard rock and heavy metal have, over the years, been criticised as the work of the devil. It’s a claim which Brother Cesare, also known as Brother Metal, says is nonsense. He started playing and recording cassettes, firstly with “lighter” metal music, but gradually he realised that what really moved him was the hard core.”

(via BBC News)


  1. I saw the band performing, I never believed in metal more than in that performance. I mean, metal is about something archaic almost. It has always had that feel, whether it was the Norse and Black metal or whatever else you want to look at.. and.. seeing the man in the monks garb with the long white beard.. and his vocals are so chaotic.. and powerful!

  2. That roar/screech he’s go going… I’m sold.

    I would wear a t-shirt that reads “BROTHER CESARE IS FUCKIN’ METAL!”

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