Bisexuality not a transitional phase among women

Bisexuality in women appears to be a distinctive sexual orientation and not an experimental or transitional stage that some women adopt “on their way” to lesbianism, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.

The study of 79 non-heterosexual women over 10 years found that bisexual women maintained a stable pattern of attraction to both sexes. In addition, the research appears to have debunked the stereotype that bisexual women are uninterested in or unable to commit to long-term monogamous relationships.

Full Story: Science Blog


  1. Interesting new definitions of “not a phase,” quoted from the linked article…

    1. Bisexual and unlabeled women were more likely than lesbians to change their identity over the course of the study.
    2. Seventeen percent of respondents switched from a bisexual or unlabeled identity to heterosexual during the study — but more than half of these women switched back to bisexual or unlabeled by the end.

  2. Trevor – how are either of these things indicative of being a phase? (and you left out part of your point # 1 “but they tended to switch between bisexual and unlabeled rather than to settle on lesbian or heterosexual as their identities.”

    Bigger problem with the study: tiny sample size.

  3. Empirical and anecdotal evidence shrieks against this.

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