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seth fisher

You know, I have this sort of philosophy called “It’s not my job” and I apply it to everything I do in life. Basically I view myself as on permanent vacation and everything is a side project. You know, when you get to be about mid-life you start to realize that if your not having fun with your life now, then you might never figure it out. So, to me, playing in the park in the grass is something I take as seriously as drawing a book or as doing an interview like this – which is to say that I take drawing a book very lightly, but at the same time give it my whole heart. It’s a little hard to explain. Its gotta be fun or I cant do it for very long.


So, one day I discovered in the corner of my room the word tasukete (save me) scratched into the wall, like with a sharp object. Tasukete is the word you would say when you need someone to rescue you, like if you were kidnapped or being murdered. I’m kinda slow I guess, because the first time I saw it I laughed. I figured someone had a black sense of humour but when I showed it to my Japanese friends they freaked out. Its like, imagine if found in the back of your closet the words “help me” scratched the wall with fingernails, and the house was really old and creepy to begin with.


I never did, like, a real investigation. Believe it or not, stuff like this happens to me fairly regularly, so it’s not such a landmark. Just an interesting thing.

Full Story: Meanwhile

(Thanks Ian!)

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  1. This is the second time I’ve come across this interview today but… why? Didn’t poor Seth Fisher die a year or two ago? Not that I’m complaining, just wondering.

  2. It’s a great interview by the way. I miss Seth Fisher. I’d have loved to have seen him work with Grant Morrison or Joe Casey. Thanks for this.

  3. Funny someone else posted it recently – there’s no special occasion for linking to it. It’s an old interview, Ian just happened to send it to me a couple weeks ago and I just finally got around to reading it and linking to it.

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