Amazing steampunk pocket watch style mobile computer

pocket watch computer

The Cobalt is a response to the discerning public need for the next convergence device to blend elegance with simplicity and portability. The Cobalt’s round OLED touch screen allows easy access to all its features with a simple flick of the thumb left, right, up or down. The default screen shows time, date, temperature, and updates on voicemail, email and text. Completely customizable on every level, the default screen’s settings can be changed to suit your needs – from minimal analog hands to a full on digital display.

The Cobalt is designed with the style conscious in mind – when Bluetooth technology can be seamlessly integrated with earrings and other accessories for all-day wearability. Along with state-of-the-art voice recognition software, there’s a hidden spot on the back for house keys. All I need is this, a monocle, top hat, and a walking stick.

Text and one more pic: Yanko Design

(via Grinding)


  1. you have to admit, that’s pretty damn classy. Now, what can there be done with a swiss army knife?…what a combo!

  2. if this is real i want it, how can i buy this?

  3. That’s not steampunk, it’s not even close to the victorian era look, and “ammagawd” a lcd texting screen….polllllease.

    looks cool though.

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