Scientist Creates Cold Fusion For the First Time In Decades?

Cold fusion, the act of producing a nuclear reaction at room temperature, has long been relegated to science fiction after researchers were unable to recreate the experiment that first “discovered” the phenomenon. But a Japanese scientist was supposedly able to start a cold fusion reaction earlier this week, which-if the results are real-could revolutionise the way we gather energy.

Yoshiaki Arata, a highly respected physicist in Japan, demonstrated a low-energy nuclear reaction at Osaka University on Thursday. In front of a live audience, including reporters from six major newspapers and two tv studios, Arata and a co-professor Yue-Chang Zhang, produced excess heat and helium atoms from deuterium gas.

Full Story: Gizmodo


  1. Scott Rassbach

    May 27, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Your link is bad. Sorry.

  2. Sorry, it’s fixed now. Yeesh, you’d think someday I’d get this whole linking thing figured out…

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