Five years after taking the lead in “Operation Pipe Dreams,” which prosecuted people who sold marijuana pipes around the country, U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan is leading a similar investigation called “Operation True Test.”

The newest project for Ms. Buchanan is looking into companies that sell “masking products” that are supposed to help drug-users pass employer drug tests.


Only a small amount of product was seized during the search Wednesday, Ms. Kinsley said.

The main items taken were documents — including bank records, business documents and order forms.

Also seized, Mr. Chong said, were 8,000 to 10,000 copies of the recently released documentary “a/k/a Tommy Chong,” a film chronicling his journey through arrest, prosecution and nine-month prison term.

“It’s a way to punish the distributor financially,” Mr. Chong said. “There’s no way to get the DVDs back until the investigation is over.” Mr. Chong said he has no ownership in the film.

He called the documentary a “focal point” of the raid. It was released about a month ago, and sales were slow, Mr. Chong said.

“It’s selling like crazy now, thanks to Mary Beth. She’s brought us a nice publicity gimmick.”

Ms. Buchanan would not comment on Mr. Chong’s allegation or discuss what alleged crimes are being investigated as part of Operation True Test.

Full Story: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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