Fresh Baked Bread, Anyone? Gruesome Body Bakery

Here’s an argument for a low carb diet. Yeesh…

“Imagine running up to the bakery around the corner and coming across bread shaped like body parts. Sound yummy? Artist Kittiwat Unarrom creates just that; gruesome works of art out of bread. Kittiwat Unarrom has a master’s degree in fine arts and creates bruised and battered heads, feet and other internal organs at a bread shop in Thailand.”

(via Inventor Spot)


  1. masterbakery.

  2. we already have a bakery at Purim holiday which’s called “Man’s Ear”.

  3. Well, it would definitely make an interesting Eucharist.

  4. VIVID. A truly excellent find, thanks for this.

  5. scary stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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