“The following commentary about Borders — the US uber-bookstore — came from our good friend Alan Beatts, who, along with Jude Feldman, owns and operates Borderlands Books, a truly fine specialist bookstore in San Francisco. Extracted from his monthly newsletter, it’s kinda long, but it’s crucial information for all who read and write books, and will have a major impact on how the latter will sell their work to the former.”

“First off, a quick disclaimer — I don’t like Borders. I like them better than Barnes & Noble but still, like any independent bookseller, I don’t like them. Despite my intention to be as objective as possible in the article, I’m sure that my bias is going to creep in here and there. But, if you were looking for objective, dispassionate news, you wouldn’t be reading this I’m going to start with what has been going on with Borders over the past year, then I’m going to talk about the implications, and I’ll finish off with the reasons that it matters to everyone who loves books.”

(via Doc 40)

(Original article via Borderland Books Newsletter)