An Interview with Jennifer Stevenson- Author of “The Brass Bed”

The Brass Bed Cover

Jennifer Stevenson is the author of ‘Trash Sex Magic’, and most recently wrote a trilogy of sexy, funny, romantic fantasy, the first of which was recently released called ‘The Brass Bed’ (Ballantine Books). She’s been writing for 25 years and lives in the Chicago area with her husband of 30 years and her two cats.

The Brass Bed begins with the heroine, Jewel Heiss, a tough fraud cop investigating a fake sex therapist, Clay, who has been using an antique brass bed to lure his customers. Trapped inside the bed is Lord Randall (Randy), who in 1811 was cursed and turned into an incubus by his magician-mistress for being lousy in bed. The curse was this: satisfy one hundred women or be trapped in the bed forever. Lucky Jewel was number one hundred, and Randy becomes her personal sex slave. The choice: Clay or Randy? This is where the fun really begins.

I don’t usually read much fiction, but found myself flying through all three books (‘The Velvet Chair’ is the second [coming out in late May], and ‘The Bearskin Rug’ is the third). There’s plenty of humor, sex and magic to keep anyone reading into the wee hours. The ending in the last book (‘The Bearskin Rug’) was a bit of a surprise. If you like funny romantic fantasy, you’ll love this series.

I sat down with Jennifer to discuss her new book, and to get some of her views on magic, and sex demons.

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