Wendy McElroy on the FLDS raids

I haven’t been following or covering the FLDS fiasco much because it erupted at a time when I had no time to follow it and I’ve been slow to catch-up. But I think Wendy McElroy does a pretty good job of commenting on it:

Part 1

Part 2

One other thing: Jesse Walker Radley Balko points out that “And if Texas law says parents can marry their 15-year-old daughters off to 60-year-old men, perhaps we should talk about the wisdom of that law, not arrest the people who still manage to stay within it.”


  1. Oh my god—pregnant seventeen year olds!! And 16 and 15!!! Not to mention that Texas lies. Temple sex bed? Lies. Cyanide documents, a la Jim Jones? lies.

    I thought the Texas authorites said these people raped children. Where are the stats on 13 and younger? Isn’t that what led to the raid?

    If they took the kids away from every member of a type of group which has pregnant young ladies aged 17, would catholics be allowed to have kids? How about blacks? I know whites have pregnant teenagers. How about the Joooooooz. I know they have pregnant teenagers. Let’s take away the kids of the Jooooooooooz.

  2. Jesse Walker points out

    Credit where it’s due: That was Radley Balko, not me.

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