Christmas, 1940: a child is born

“Chuck Norris(Carlos Ray Norris) is our Lord and Savior aka Jesus Part 2: With Attitude. And unlike the first Jesus, he isn’t gonna puss out and get killed by Romans. Unlike the first Jesus he isn’t gonna go down on Judas and suck his pee pee… This time if some guy betrays him, he’s gonna launch a grenade into his heart and then impregnate his wife. But if you stick with him, this muthafucka will treat you right (note: he will still likely impregnate your wife). Screw turning water into wine, Norris can make urine into Wildcat…the BEER. Yeah, this Jesus is the real deal. Oh, did I mention he can lay down roundhouses in tight motherfucking jeans? Well, he can.”

(Chuck Norris is Jesus)

(Hat Tip: Dedroidify)