Esozone announces first round of speakers and location for 2008

ESOZONE: the other tomorrow

October 10-12

Watershed Building
5040 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR

Confirmed speakers:

Dennis McKenna, ethnopharmacologist and co-author of Invisible Landscape and Psilocybin – Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide

Antero Alli, author of Angel Tech, director of the performance art group Paratheatrical Research, and director of films such as The Invisible Forest

Paul Laffoley, acclaimed visionary artist

Rex Church, surrealist/occult artist and Magister Templi of the Church of Satan

Lupa, author of A Field Guide to Otherkin and Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone, and co-author Kink Magic

Taylor Ellwood, author of Multimedia Magic, Inner Alchemy, and co-author of Kink Magic

Alex Ansery, host of the television show Outside the Box

Thirtyseven, MC also known as Humpasaur Jones, member of the hip hop outfits Wombaticus Rex and the Algorhythms and editor of Brainsturbator

Trevor Blake, editor of OVO Magazine

Bianca Lee, aka Nysidra, editor of

Bill Whitcomb, author of Magician’s Reflection and the Magician’s Companion

Edward Wilson, co-author of the Art of Memetics

More TBA!


  1. Some new, some old. Can’t wait.

  2. Wow! Dennis Mckenna?!

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