“As men age, their brain editors start to disappear and they blurt out whatever pops into their mind. They don’t care if they insult someone in the process. Nowhere is that phenomenon more evident than with enfant terrible (or is it grand-p?re terrible?) Harlan Ellison. The problem is I don’t think he ever had much of a brain editor.

A documentary about the man’s life, Dreams with Sharp Teeth, was screened at the SXSW festival and it’s been garnering some attention, although the reviews have been tepid. The bottom line seems to be if you like Ellison, you’ll find the movie interesting. If you don’t know who he is or don’t care about him, it’s not going to change your mind about the guy.

Here’s a typical Ellison rant that appears in the film. My favourite quote from it is “everybody else may be an asshole, but I’m not.”

(via The Website @ The End of The Universe)

(Harlan Ellison Webderland)