Fox News journalistic masterpieces

Fox News. It’s hard to talk about greatest hits without mentioning their war coverage or their coverage of racial issues. As a political and cultural propaganda machine, there’s little outright funny about Fox News’s persistent distortion of reality. Or, if there is, the jokes on the people of the United States and the world.

But occasionally they have a real zinger. Some “hard hitting” piece of “journalism” where the joke really is on them. Here are Fox’s five journalistic masterpieces, after the fold.

5. The Nintendo DS, a target for child molesters:

OK, that’s not THAT bad. Sure it was based on unfounded hysteria, but a new technology should warrant some skepticism. It was over the top and laughable, but let’s move on…

4. Play Station Pornable:

Oh good, you can’t get hardcore pornography without a credit card…. right? This is basically Internet paranoia all over again. The Tubes are back… and this time, they’re PORTABLE!

3. Lesbian gang outbreak

So now we’re into sheer lunacy. Who the hell is this “expert” O’Reilly was talking to? SPL has some coverage of this segment.

2. Anonymous – hackers on steroids:

WTF SRSL. Wired said “This ‘news report’ is by far the funniest prank anyone on the board has ever pulled off.” Encylopedia Dramatica entry on Anonymous.

1. Jenkem: the human waste drug:

Uhhhh…. what can I say? Find out more about jenkem.



    The A/V manipulation of truth – Bruce Herschensohn’s “The Gods of Antenna”

  2. badluckshadow13

    August 8, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    That DS clip, at first I though “Wow over 150 feet, that’s pretty neat, I should buy one for my little cousin” and then I realized “ew, what if creepy Fox News reporters send her messages?”

    On a more serious note, that O’reilly gang coverage pissed me off to the point of wanting to actually shoot the man in the face with a pink pistol.

    The Anonymous coverage made me feel better though, that shit was hysterical. “Truly epic Lulz” Anonymous never forgets!

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