It’s spring cleaning time. Time to clean out the inbox:

Spoof of the Tom Cruise Scientology interview made as a promotion for the “Superhero” movie, via Coming Soon.

“Under animal law, more pets get their day in court”, via The Chicago Tribune.

“Mantra Meditation Reveals Hidden Agenda: Are the Gods Alive and Well and Working Towards the ‘New World Order’ ” via The Canadian National Newspaper.

“South Park” free online for 30 days via

A warning about Ayurvedic remedies from India; “Poisonings Prompt Remedy Alert” via The Vancouver Sun.

“History of Religion”. “Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?” “Machine that reads your mind!” via Question Authority.

“The Mysteries of the Egyptian Sun” via Softpedia.

“Steven King’s Greatest Lesson For Writers” via Write to Done.

“Elfquest” free online; via

“On The Use of Mythology in Astrology”, via Apotelesmatics Astrology Blog.

“Sources at British Spy Agency Confirm Tibetan Claims of Staged Violence” via Epoch Times.

“Clueless Guys Can’t Read Women” via Live Science.