From the TOPYNA site:

As of the end of Janurary 2008, the Temple Ov Psychick Youth North America will be directing all of its attention at the launch of the new phase in our communal growth, the AUTONOMOUS INIDIVUDALS NETWORK (AIN)

The ACTIVE membership status and current activites of the Network will remain in order and progress as they should. But the name of the Network and some of the key elements of the traditional initiate process will be changing. And all future publications and correspondence will reflect this name change.

Over the years the identity issue of TOPY in regards to its name, use of certain symbols, and basic origin, have constantly come under the scrutiny of those that wish to deny our exsistance and our WILL to CREATE a better way of interacting as magickal individuals on planet earth. We now boldly step up the task of “growing up”, and the time has come for us to exit our comfortable psychick womb and GO out into the universe as true INDIVIDUALS.

We welcome all interested parties to seek out our message and interact with us.
long live the memory of Thee Temple.. those who do not remember the past.. are forced by the hand of chance to repeat it..

Long live The Autonomous Individuals Network..
Individuals wanted… AIN23

TOPYNA Announcement.


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