From the Shiny Report:

The Pileus Umbrella comes fully equipped with GPS, PHS / Wi-Fi / HSDPA Connection, a digital compass, a 3D Accelerometer (motion sensor), and a camera – which can be used to take photos at the snap of your wrist. A mobile projector is fitted to the bottom of the umbrella adjacent to the handle, providing a large screen on the underside of the umbrella, which can be used to stream flickr photos, or display a 3d navigational map, courtesy of google earth. There’s no information on the hardware running the umbrella’s system, but given that it performs with google earth, one can assume that it’s at least 500mhz with 128mb RAM – plenty of spec for hacking and modding your umbrella – and with the attached hardware, the possibilities are not only limitless, they’re actually more exciting than the future-retail version of the umbrella itself.

Full Story: the Shiny Report.