5 Floating Utopia and Ocean City Projects: From Seafaring Condos to Oceanic Micronations

The Celestopia Project

The Celestopia Project is a broad-scoped attempt at colonizing the Earth’s oceans one settlement at a time. According to one source, Celestopean Elemental Separators will (apparently) allow them to mine the ocean’s waters for not only ‘hydrogen and oxygen’ but also for ‘platinum and gold.’ Their more moderate homepage suggests they will use Thermal Energy Converters (OTECs) to harvest power from temperature differentials in the ocean. Life on these oceanic colonies will involve age-extending health practices and domed residences that will be resistant to the forces of nature. Each such floating city will be designed to house 5,000 to 10,000 people and these will slowly cover the surfaces of all of the Earth’s oceans.

Full Story: WebUrbanist.

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  1. “..and these will slowly cover the surfaces of all of the Earth?s oceans.” – yess, that sounds like a good idea :-p

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