Take lessons from Joe Rogan

I’m drunk, but Joe Rogan makes me giddy with glee.

I can’t find a embeddable video, and I am too lazy at this point to keep looking. But here is a gooder. Joe Rogan talking to the Holy Spirit. Worth a watch.

Joeshow – Episode 6: The Holy Hooker

Goal: Everyone out there with a webcam or video camera or whatever, start recording some shit, interviews, ideas, and just post it. Once I get my shit together, I’ll get some stuff together. I think Klint’s been kicking around the idea, too.



  1. Do you really need lessons to learn how to pick on weak-minded people? Didn’t you learn that in grade school?

  2. I wouldn’t completely disagree, but isn’t labelling them weak a disservice, too? Instead of judging, why not just enjoy the dynamic?

    Very rarely do we ever find two people so on the same page as to offer a balanced perspective. Dogs eat snakes. Owls eat mice. Just go with it.

  3. PS — I stated the goal as recording stuff, and YAY REALIITY, not YAY FIND PEOPLE THAT ARE PECULIAR AND EXPOSE THEM. That is the first thing you noticed, leading me to believe either you were picked on in grade school or did the picking on and have had a change in heart? Is Joe Rogan the one we should sympathise with, or the eccentric folk he comes along in his joruneys? Why? Why do we relate to Joe and not the Holy Spirit or Hooker?

    Don’t let the things that jump out at you bias what you could be doing with a video camera. Maybe record yourself?

    And on that note, they approached him. That’s why it’s funny, to me at least. They want the attention. Little memes screaming to make sense of the universe one way or another.

  4. Emperor Snorky

    March 15, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    Like most people, I’ve been both bully and bully victim. Neither are desirable roles.

    Rogan has the bully streak in him; recall his flamewar with some non-celebrity kid over the internet?

    The first thing that leaped out at me was Rogan’s tone and attitude. It’s the bully when he pretends to “befriend” you as a means to pump you for information that he can later use against you. Usually such information is your individual quirks and attributes that vary from the centrally-planned societal “norms.”

    The need to be “known” and “recognized” by others is a natural, human need.

    Rogan exploits these oddballs’ human needs and then belittles them for his own personal profit; to make money and to enhance his prestige. We know this because of the editorializing.

    Why not let these people speak for themselves, why add in all of the “Blind Date” style sound effects? It’s because these people are being filmed so that the AVERAGE, as in LOWEST COMMMON DENOMINATOR, as in the people who fuel the media industry, can laugh at them.

    But what else can one expect from the former host of Fear Factor?

    In any case, he just does what he feels necessary to survive and prosper. He didn’t create the culture, he just lives in it.

  5. I concur; all very good points, Snorky.

    Though I still find the humour in all of it. Cuz it’s funny.

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