Occult Homophobia – Some Choice Quotes

“What people have to remember is that Wicca; man and woman, God and Goddess is a fertility cult – a heterosexual fertility cult.”

Wiccan author Keith Morgan, interviewed at Autumn Link-Up ’89

“The Wiccan cult stands for fertility and re-creation and not the sexual union between two ‘spiritual’ members of the same sex as some groups like to believe.”

Kevin Carlyon, Hastings & St. Leonards Observer, 1985.

“Thus the blasphemy of the homosexual formula, for it denies Babalon and breeds devils in chaos.”

Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden.

Many more at Phil Hine’s web site.

(via Lupa).


  1. Like: documents real failings in various groups.

    Dislike: Weak citations. Confuses ‘pro-heterosexual’ with ‘anti-homosexual.’ Does not credit the difference between ‘I don’t like you’ (pagan / wiccan) and ‘I am going to kill you’ (mainstream religion).

    Suggestion: read what the Church of Satan, via the Satanic Bible, has to say on the subject.

  2. Umm, if you read the whole article there are statements like”homosexuals are not human” and “Surely it is time for homosexuals themselves to wake up to the reality of their situation and seek solutions to their problems, rather than campaigning for more acceptance of homosexuality”. How is this any better than the hate-mongering of mainstream religion?

    I shouldn’t be surprised by this but being the optimistic person that I am I expect a bit more of an open mind from the Occult community especially when they seek it themselves.

  3. Teal – the Bible calls for stoning of homosexuals. I didn’t see any outright calls for murder in the quotes above.

    I do think it’s a positive thing that Phil Hine & Paul McAndrew compiled this list – self-critique within the occult community is a good thing.

  4. Teal: I did read the whole article. There were no calls for killing homosexuals, only calling them names and saying their magick powers were weak or evil or etc. If one person calls you a name, and the other one kills you, can you really not see that one is doing more harm to you than the other? Being called a name is hate-mongering, and being killed is hate-mongering. But can you really not see that one is several orders worse than the other?

    All things are connected, but all things are not equally connected.

  5. And one of many more reasons I do not respect the “Wiccan” belief system. What makes it so out of place for me is the followers of the Wiccan belief systems. They are, in many ways, transforming into the same kind of idiotic understanding of the world as the Abraham religions. Maybe that is why I have always been for individual exploration of occult experiences and against religions that form into organized institutions (even on remedial levels) in public because public religions bring idiots who think that they have found a formula that tells them all they need to know and because of that they can declare things as stone and look down on people or judge people on individual decisions, among other things. As for “in the occult”, I would imagine that in any loosely based term for a large group of people all searching for their own truth, some people are going to think certain things but it in no way declares a belief of all people that are searching for some form of truth or understanding or purity within their existence.

  6. Typical Phil Hine, cristicising other people, whilst struggling to accept the confines of his own path- very weak magick

    Perhaps if he he got to know people like keith Morgan, author name for Kim Morgan, then perhaps he would have a greater insight into the male/female magickal balance, exchange

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