Secret origins of Scientology

Some of this stuff has been floating around the Internet over the past few days, but Cabinet of Wonders ties it all together:

The English-language term “Scientology” originated neither with Hubbard nor Nordenholz, but with philologist Allen Upward, who coined the term in 1907 to ridicule pseudoscientific theories.

Possibly more interestingly, is the history of the E-Meter . It was invented by chiropractor and sci-fi author Volney Mathison, based on his study of lie detectors. Mark Pilkington looked at this aspect in an article he wrote for the Guardian.

Full Story: Cabinet of Wonders.


  1. Lt. Colonel Snorky

    March 2, 2008 at 2:01 am

    Don’t forget that L. Ron Hubbard began as a ceremonial magician. Everyone on here already knows that though.

  2. Don’t forget that ceremonial magicians begin as wankers. Everyone on here doesn’t know that.

  3. Please tell us what else we doesn’t know, sense.

  4. You’ve gotta hand it to Hubbard. Whatever ritual he did evidently worked. And wankers are everywhere, not just in ceremonial magick. Most people on here already know that.

  5. Co$ has been reportedly bleeding cash for the last five years and is currently shitting bricks over the war w/ Anonymous on YouTube. Hubbard’s old magic being spoiled/rewritten by DM. See enturbulation dot com, xenu dot net
    Worldwide protests 15 March, 11:00 local times.
    Hear that on most people, already know!

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