Contacting Marik

Anyone who knows how to contact the chaos magician Marik, of (z)cluster, now that her/his address is toast, please let me know. Thx.


  1. Use your magickz.

  2. I’ve got an inquiry out to a friend that knows Marik, so Fell’s magickz must be working.

  3. Seems so. Thanks a million, Bill!

  4. Is this who we’re talking about? Mark Defrates,, 386-314-8048. I’ve been in touch with Marik, but we’ve never met face-to-face, so I’m not completely sure. Sounds right: makes magical jewelry, involved with Z-Cluster. I got this information from:

  5. It is. And you know what, I knew his name, too. I just didn’t remember and it never came up with my recent searches.

    Thanks for the help, Bill. Sometimes me not so smrt.

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