The Eclipse, The Mars/Pluto Opposition and Aspects to the House of Bob

The question was asked, ‘Is there anything going on astrologically that can explain why people have been so bitchy lately? They seem to be acting crazier than usual. What the hell is going on?’ My general answer to this question would be that there are some people who are bitchy every day of their lives. And that there are some people who are just completely freakin’ nuts.

Astrologically, there are some intense things going on. We had a solar eclipse two weeks ago and we’ve got a lunar eclipse today. According to the blog Astrological Musings, ‘Lunar eclipses occur at the Full Moon when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition, and when the lunation conjuncts the lunar nodes. Because the lunar nodes signify the evolutionary journey of the soul, the astrological symbolism of an eclipse is very significant. These are times of reckoning; of course correction.’ (An eclipse of a planet signifies an eclipse of the energy it symbolizes.)

As for the Mars/Pluto opposition AM says this: ‘Mars is preparing for its third and final opposition to Pluto where it tends to foment rage and inspire explosions, and one might think the opposition has already happened. School shootings, mall shootings, shootings in the city council – people are clearly under stress. Although the opposition will not be exact until the new moon on March 7, we are clearly in its shadow now.’

As for aspects to the House of Bob: The 12th house is generally considered the House of Slack. The House of Chaos is the 13th. According to astrobobical expert Kaos829: ‘the 13th house is the house of the unknown. Spirit beyond our ken. The cumulative effect of the process of life delineated in the chart’. For all those who were wondering, I hope this clears things up. Just remember if things start to get intense, be sure and give people some slack.

(Thanks to Smoking Pigeon, Kaos829 and Astrological Musings!)


  1. Does this mean I need a new mortgage on my 12th or 13th houses?!
    Gives the expression “I need a new life” a new meaning!

  2. Homeodynamic potencies of the new wine are on the way. Then what happens?

  3. Tawananananana- If you need a new mortgage, don’t get an ARM. Get a 30 year fixed LEG (Long Endless Grief) instead.

    Michael- I’m actually looking forward to the “homeodynamic potencies of the new wine”. The old whine is pretty rancid.

  4. Is there in fact a codified Subgenius zodiac? Is this adapted from Discordia? I have all four of their books, but the sheer volume of non-canonical works (which, if you think about it, includes the canonical works, too) makes it as likely as not that there’s something to that effect out on the etherwebs.

  5. Astrobobology has remained a hidden practice for many years and won’t be found in any books. This knowledge was only passed down to certain initiates from a little known branch of Discordianism called The CoTR (Cult of The Ridiculous). Their motto and mantra is “I’m Busy”.

    With the passing of Pope RAW, it was decided that the time was right to spread the word. Various initiates are working on putting together an article on Astrobobology. It will be coming soon to Technoccult. Hail Eris!

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