The Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Tiferet’s Paths – and God’s Love

“…the ancient Hebrew word for Cannabis is Kaneh-Bosem, also rendered in the traditional Hebrew as Kaneh or Kannabus. In Hebrew the root word kan has a double meaning of Reed or Hemp and Bos translates as Aromatic.” Google “Kaneh Bosem” for insight on this. It’s a few different places in the torah supposedly -makes sense considering the historic value of the plant everywhere else. Here are some quotes from an article that might explain things a bit. (I don’t know who is best qualified to explain things of this nature, I think we all have to do our part to help and mine seems to be to inspire open minded thought.) ”

(via The Crop of The Future. Hat tip: Cannablog)

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  1. Regarding calamus, and asarone metabolizing to trimethoxyamphetamine, this is a known hallucinogen but it is not the same thing as ecstasy, methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

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