Wow! All throughout this book and his others for that matter, Icke details and talks about how secret societies have all these very same rituals, ideas, plans and structures and how evil and dangerous they are. And then he’s saying that some unknown being wants to indoctrinate him and the rest of us in those same mystic rites and that he wants Icke and the rest of us to turn ourselves inside out.

I’m afraid that I don’t turn myself inside out for any entity; no matter how ?good’ they supposedly are.

I also have a very hard time following the logic that Satanism, witchcraft and Harry Potter are different from Icke’s sources of information. What I mean is this. Icke constantly rails against them, (well not so much Harry Potter but he does mention the ?evilness’ of the Harry Potter series) and yet Icke consorts with psychics, who channel goodness knows who, as well as witch doctors and shamans. Not that I’m against the Harry Potter series, on the contrary I loved it. And as for witches, I have a wonderful story or two that I could share about the kindness and total loving nature of a witch I happen to know. My point is there seems to be some sort of double standard or divide here. Why is one bad and the other good? It boggles my mind.

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