7 Reasons The 21st Century is Making Us Miserable

“Scientists call it the naked photo test and it works like this:
Say a photo turns up, of you nakedly doing something that would shame you and your family for generations. Bestiality, whatever. Ask yourself how many people in your life you would trust with that photo. Studies
show that for almost everybody, the number of people we really trust is shrinking. About a quarter of the people they talked to said they had NO ONE to confide in. Walk down the street, one out of four people you pass have nobody. Among the people who did have somebody, the average number of people in their circle of trust was two. And that includes spouses and parents. Yes, this is new. The numbers are down a whole bunch since just 1985. The world is becoming a colder and lonelier place. Here’s why.”

(via Pointless Waste Of Time)


  1. ‘Hey doc, it hurts when I do this.’


  2. Thanks for the laugh, Trevor! If the writer pointed out some of the problems, then you just pointed out the solution.
    In summary, get out and mingle with some annoying strangers. Make some annoying new friends that give you honest, constructive criticism. Realize that you can misinterpret texts and emails and don’t substitute that for face to face communication with live human beings. Think positive. Turn off your computer and do something nice for someone or do something constructive.
    If that doesn’t work, take one of these and call your doctor in the morning:

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