Stewart Home’s Assault on Culture online for free

Trevor Blake says:

The Assault on Culture by Stewart Home (1987) is a book I have recommended to many people for many years. It is well-researched while clearly-written, brief while informative. The Assault on Culture describes ‘utopian currents from Lettrism to Class War.’ Some of the more familiar names in this current might include the Situationists, Fluxus, mail art and punk rock. Stewart Home went on to write Neoism, Plagiarism and Praxis, which includes descriptions of his performance art / magick attacks on agents of conformity in a psychogeographically mapped England. Not only does the character King Mob in Grant Morrison’s Invisibles act like Stewart Home, he looks like him. Read up on the real thing.

Full text of Assault on Culture.

(via Trevor).


  1. As of 8:16pm 28 January 2008, the ‘via Trevor’ link goes to the Stewart Home Society. A fine location, but not where Trevor is. Trevor is at

  2. Fixed. My apologies.

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