Alan Moore documentary on AlterTube

If you like this, please purchase the DVD from Shadowsnake.

(Late update: as pointed out here, this link came via Phase II).


  1. Thanks for all the interest in this film.

    The quality on here is obviously very bad as it’s a direct bootleg from the DVD and not seen as intended on Dolby 5.1 sound.

    We produced it independently and shot on film, so all of these costs we’re hoping to recoup through your support. If you would like to see this film with all the extras please visit

    We respect the free spirit of the internet, but intellectual property is also a concept that should be respected as it is the basis of most modern commerce and without selling DVDs, it simply means that we as film makers spent years producing this film, borrowing and begging money of third parties without the fair chance to recoup it back.

    Best regards,

    Charisse Vyzelman
    Associate Producer
    Shadowsnake Films

  2. Thanks! I added a link to the main post.

  3. The fallout from this video posting is discussed on our latest podcast:
    Gspot #26: Hellhounds and Lapdogs

    Link to emails with our rebuttals

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