Mike Huckabee Associated With White Supremacist Theocratic Organization

Perhaps even worse than his known association with the Christian reconstruction movement:

Consider some of the items from the CoCC’s Statement of Principles:

‘We believe that the United States of America is a Christian country, that its people are a Christian people, and that its government and public leaders at all levels must reflect Christian beliefs and values.’
‘We believe that the United States derives from and is an integral part of European civilization and the European people and that the American people and government should remain European in their composition and character.’
‘We believe in the traditional family as the basic unit of human society and morality, and we oppose all efforts by the state and other powers to weaken the structure of the American family through toleration of sexual licentiousness, homosexuality and other perversions, mixture of the races, pornography in all forms, and subversion of the authority of parents.’
‘We believe the schools, public, private, and parochial, should teach students to be proud of being Americans and proud of their national and local identities, and that they should instill in them the values of Western, Christian, and American civilization.’
The Council of Conservative Citizens is descended from the White Citizens Councils in the South that worked to prevent African-American children from attending integrated schools. They’re hardly just a chummy group of ordinary conservatives.

Full Story: Irregular Times.


  1. “We believe that the United States derives from and is an integral part of European civilization…”

    Godless communists!

  2. First, let me share the facts:

    **Democrat CFR member Candidates:**
    Barack Obama: Also, his wife Michelle Obama is on the Board of Directors in the Chicago branch of the CFR.
    Hillary Clinton
    John Edwards
    Chris Dodd
    Bill Richardson

    **Republican CFR member Candidates:**
    Mitt Romney
    Rudy Giuliani
    John McCain
    Fred Thompson
    Newt Gingrich
    Mike Huckabee: Huckabee is not a CFR member, though he named Richard Haas, president of the CFR, as his adviser on foreign policy. On Feb. 21, 2006, Hass wrote a column for the Taipei (China) Times titled, “State Sovereignty Must Be Altered in Globalized Era.” This is an explicit solicitation for global government. Here is the article –http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2006/02/21/2003294021

    So what is the “CFR” anyway?

    The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is David Rockefeller’s private thinktank. This group has nothing to do with our government since it is entirely private. This group is pro-war and pro-North American Union (loss of American sovereignty and loss of Constitutional protections). You can read more about this group at —

    Here’s a short video of a discussion between Dick Cheney (ex-director of CFR) and David Rockefeller, which reveals their close-knit ties —

  3. Huckabee represents himself as a Federalist on such issues — as did the last three presidents. Clinton, Bush 41 and the current Bush have not endorsed proposals for the federal government to take action to remove the flag. For that matter, neither has anyone in congress — even the CBC! Huckabee’s point, as offensive as it may be is that the people of South Carolina should petition their state government to have this changed. In fairness, he did ot propose acts of vionence against anyone… it was a vulgarism along the lines of “here’s where you can stick your flagpole”. Yep, that was a might uncharitable, but it got Bubba’s truck warmed up.

    Personally, I’d be inclined to encourage them to ask why they need a Confederate Memorial in the first place

    For a look at just what a crass and unapologetic racist Huckabee is, check out his speech on the 40th anniversary of desegregation in Little Rock. This is explosive — and quite telling of his true motives (confederate flag or otherwise): Huckabee talks about Little Rock desegregation.

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