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  1. While I’m not attacking the Amnesty International reports, keep in mind their obvious bias.

    Not picking any fights, though I do have my own opinions on how they portray their facts. But the one that caught my eye was policing and the mention of taser gun. A lot of these guys are violent and/or attack the RCMP when they’re tasered. The guy mentioned in the report was smashing vehicles and attacked the cops, so they obviously tasered him. A very good friend of mine works for K Division here in Alberta, of the RCMP, and he makes a good case in their favour: tasers, while not perfect, are better then shooting at everyone that freaks a cop out.

    As for aboriginal rights and all that, why don’t they do a report on how aboriginals treat their own. Some of the richest persons in Western Canada are aboriginal, they do well for themselves. And there have been numerous accounts of chiefs stealing from their tribes (tax dollars that the government gives them), and they fuck off to Mexico leaving theirs to rot on reserves.

    All I’m saying is, this is just more propaganda. Read both sides of the story.

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