Ron Paul says he rejects the theory of evolution

Via Wendy McElroy, who also passes along some info regarding Paul’s flip flops on immigration.


  1. I think he’s a dangerous loonie. He gave off a very weird vibe when I saw him on Colbert.

  2. You know, it is one thing to weaken my belief in him.. but you have to show me that he is a Creationist..? Do you have to do that Klintron? Can’t you let me have a little hope? So he is a creationist antiabortion lunatic.. son of a bitch.. I can’t vote now.

  3. This poor guy has been “getting it” from the Paul supporters. Be sure to click on his Paul posts. The thing is, on one he states that he’s not a fan of Paul, but he doesn’t hold anyone who’s for him in disregard. Does that stop them from attacking? Nope…

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