The Year’s 10 Craziest Ways to Hack the Earth

space mirrors

Wired News rounds up this year’s most radical geo-engineering ideas:

Vertical Farming
Better Cows
Carbon Scrubbers
Hurricane Control
Cloud Making Ships
Better Trees
Ocean Fertilization
Man-made Mt. Pinatubo
Space mirrors
The Status Quo

Full Story: Wired News.

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  1. Seen most of this before, some of it long ago.

    Hurricane control: cloud seeding, 1946.

    Vertical farms: Julian Simon, ‘The Ultimate Resource,’ 1981, ‘The Ultimate Resource 2’ 1996.

    Carbon scrubbers and cloud-making ships and better trees and ocean fertilization and space mirrors: Kim Stanley Robinson, ‘Red Mars’ 1992, ‘Green Mars’ 1993, ‘Blue Mars’ 1996.

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