Vanity Fair coverage of the deaths of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake

Blake wrote of how he and Duncan had been ‘harassed here to the point of absurdity’ by people who were so ‘paranoid’ that it made him ‘laugh.’ He said that they had been ‘defamed by crazy Scientologists,’ threatened and followed by ‘their thugs.’ (The Church of Scientology has denied any knowledge of the couple.) He wrote of how New York was starting to seem like the place for them to be, a place where they could speak ‘freely’ to ‘exceptional people’ and get their projects started.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, Blake said, was ‘under a pathetic right-wing invasion’ by the Bush administration and ‘extremist religious groups.’ He mentioned a couple of media companies with obvious Republican leanings. And then he said, ‘They are even running ads on the Cartoon Network recruiting people to be in the CIA!’

He spoke of how he was beginning to realize that his work had the ‘power to influence’ a global audience without the need for ‘corporate backing.’ ‘I am starting to see this as a very powerful thing,’ he said. ‘Almost miraculous. Best, J.B.’

Full Story: Vanity Fair.

(via Robot Wisdom).

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  1. That is a weird and sad story. I can’t imagine what the real facts of Theresa’s suicide were. Was she really hounded or was she just insane? Jeremy’s madness I can understand, it sounds like a very codependent relationship, but still…I can clearly picture the Scientologists fucking with their lives.

  2. Did you read any of the stuff on Rigorous Intuition? The stuff about Jim Cownie? It’s only obiquely referenced in the Vanity Fair article (“Duncan wrote screeds on her blog (which she launched in 2005) about people she claimed were connected to C.I.A. plots and right-wing conspiracies: Blake?s former girlfriend Anna Gaskell (who once broke his heart), and Reza Aslan, an Islamic scholar they had been friends with. Gaskell and Aslan have both denied her allegations.”)

  3. Interesting. There are rumors of Scientologists involved in the CIA. Talk about your conspiracy theories…

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