Jimmy Page talks magick

(GW) There was always a certain amount of speculation about your occult studies. It may have been subtle, but you weren’t really hiding it.

(Page) I was living it. That’s all there is to it. It was my life – that fusion of magick and music.

(GW) Your use of symbols was very advanced. The sigil [symbols of occult powers] on Led Zeppelin IV and the embroidery on your stage clothes from that time period are good examples on how you left your mark on popular culture. It’s something that major corporations are aggressively pursuing these days: using symbols as a from of branding.

(Page) You mean talismanic magick? Yes, I knew what I was doing. There’s no point in saying about it, because the more you discuss it, the more eccentric you appear to be. But the facts is – as far as I was concerned – it was working, so I used it. But it’s really no different then people who wear ribbons around their wrists: it’s a talismanic approach to something. Well let me amend that: it’s not exactly the same thing, but it is in the same realm. I’ll leave this subject by saying the four musical elements of Led Zeppelin making a fifth is magick into itself. That’s the alchemical process.

Full Story: Lashtal.

(Thanks Danny!).


  1. I’ve been trying to get a link for the entire article, since I read this a couple of days ago. So far no luck. Anyone? Thanks!

  2. It was in one of the guitar magazines about the time of their
    O2 concert.

    I used to have it but unfortunately the wife must have thrown it out!

    It was a major spread on Zep…good luck!

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