No Security, Prosperity, Or Sovereignty For Canada in a NAU

“Much of Canada’s sovereignty has already been eroded, but a North American Union would be the final nail in the coffin for an independent nation. It use to be the NDP who championed preserving Canadian sovereignty, but they have become a shadow of their former selves, and it appears as if they have been taken over by the very same interests that they had sworn to fight and protect us from. For what it’s worth, I have challenged the NDP to make this issue the pillar of their election platform. The Canadian Action Party (CAP), a little known party with limited resources, is putting the NDP (a national party) to shame, especially in regards to fighting and exposing the NAU agenda. Even with no current members in the House of Commons, the CAP may serve as a real alternative and play a big role in defeating the NAU and preserving an independent Canada for future generations to come.”

(via Stop Lying)

(via NAU Info)

(see also Canada Admits the NAU Exists)


  1. BAM! We be served!

  2. I’ll be totally honest. After reading some of those links and stuff on the Canadian Action Party’s website, making conscious effort to remove all the fear-mongering adjectives they litter their material with, I don’t really see what the big deal is?

    Every single moment in history where there was major advancement and growth came under the conquering and assimilation of new lands or regions.

    If Americans are so proud of their nation, why fear this? If Canadians weren’t so similar in so many ways to Americans, would this matter much at all?

    Without using scary words, I want someone to really lay this all out to me: why is this the end of the world?

    Or is this another need for a Big Bad Guy?

    Would this bother Buddha?

  3. Maybe we can show you guys how national health care works and how to play hockey. You can teach some of us how to properly handle business innovation. We can share our public education system with you. No offense, but looking at the stats, you guys probably need it. And maybe we need a bit of Americana up here to make us appreciate the crap we already have?

  4. I dig your attitude Fell. As for it bothering Buddha? “If you see Buddha on the international superhighway, he’ll more than likely be run over”…

  5. I haven’t looked too deeply into the NAU thing yet, but it seems to be a concern of people convinced that the UN is coming to take their guns away any day now.

  6. Regardless of the NAU, this will still be something that needs to be addressed in the coming years:

    I think Americans may have a weird sense of the world, as it’s hailed as the most religious nation in the West. We don’t deal with that up here as much, nor do many other nations. But ultimately, it will be something akin to the United States of Canada vs Jesusland.

    However, we have a lot more happy Muslim families up here. And every other religion, too, I’m sure. New stats were just released, one in five Canadians were not born here. We are truly a nation of immigrants, and so far it’s not too, too bad. Newcomers have a hard time adjusting. We have a lot of gangs from Vietnam and the Horn of Africa.

    So it’s just another interesting idea about what would happen if the so-called borders between the U.S. and Canada withered: you guys ph34r the immigrants. We embrace them. You get fran?ais and poutine out east, and if you’re merging with us out west here, you get a huge Chinese and Korean influence, and fuck is the food good. We can meet for donairs and ph?. We have more sushi joints than you can shake a stick at. And our beer is better.

    Though, I do prefer Californian wines.

    I also look forward to American-style telco competition. The CRTC up here keeps the monopoly of communications services in a position where they can price-gouge is to death. And groceries are cheaper in the U.S.

    What I am saying is, I welcome our new idiot-masters as they have the shitty job of bringing our nations together. Together, we shall fight Jesusland. Don’t think of it as losing identity, but gaining a new blue state. A really big blue state.

    Oh, and I am pretty sure our prime minister is out pretty soon, too, like Bush. We just put Harper in power to punish the Liberals for stealing ? and getting caught.

  7. AND! You guys would get the CBC and we’d get HBO.

  8. “Welcome back to the British Empire,” Canada says. “We’ve been keeping your seats warm.”

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