Zero-G makes all but 4 sex-positions impossible

US and Russian astronauts have had sex in space for separate research programmes on how human beings might survive years in orbit, according to a book published yesterday.

Pierre Kohler, a respected French scientific writer, says in The Final Mission: Mir, The Human Adventure that the subject is taboo both at Nasa and at mission control in Moscow, but that cosmic couplings have taken place.


Only four positions were found possible without “mechanical assistance”. The other six needed a special elastic belt and inflatable tunnel, like an open-ended sleeping bag.

Mr Kohler says: “One of the principal findings was that the classic so-called missionary position, which is so easy on earth when gravity pushes one downwards, is simply not possible.”

Full Story: Guardian.

(via Robot Wisdom)


  1. this thread is worthless without pics

    “The results were videotaped but are considered so sensitive that even Nasa was only given a censored version”

    anyone else bothered by this statement?

  2. When is the last time you saw a sexy astronaut?

    They could be protecting you for a reason you know 😛

    Although, I would love to see how Zero-G bukkake worked out, strictly to further my research.

  3. Birds do it
    Bees do it
    Even Cosmonauts up in Mir do it
    Lets do it
    Lets have sex in space

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